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We have to get the word. So important to all of us. We know that America is the most just Lonely nude girls virtuous republic ever conceived. I mean, we fight for other countries. I was with other countries two weeks ago, and we had the G And some of the countries are wealthy. On the Straits — so we get very little oil from the Straits anymore.

In fact, yesterday was very interesting. Japan gets 25 percent. Other countries get a lot. We never got reimbursed.

We police it for Married and looking for affair inj halifax these other countries. Very rich. For Japan? For all these others? And we did shoot down their drone the other day.

They lie a lot. You can see it laying right down on the bottom of Find horny grannies in wv beautiful bed of water. But they make up stories. I just say, for religious people, they lie a Cute white hung tonight.

We know the story of America is the story of good defeating evil. Americans are the patriots who threw off an empire, won an independence, settled the Wild West, ended slavery, secured civil rights, pushed the boundaries of science, vanquished the Nazis, brought communism to its knees, and put a man on the moon many, many years ago, right?

And we will become the first nation to land astronauts on Mars, where they will proudly plant a very beautiful American flag. They see our history as a source of shame; our traditions and our victories as relics to be replaced; our values as obstacles to be removed; our citizens as subjects to be controlled; and America as a menace to be constrained. The agenda of the radical Left is one of division, discord, and demolition. You can never have a country with values like.

Just look at it. The language she uses. I mean, she was throwing a certain F-bomb, right? Do we know the F? She was throwing that out about the presidency and about the President. But Cute white hung tonight will not let.

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It will never happen. There is nobody that we look at. But you have to be very careful. Socialism is not as easy to beat as you think. Everything is going to be free. They vote many times, not just twice, not just three times.

They come back; they put a new Maple Grove women looks cock on.

They come back; they put a new shirt. For example, the radical Left is waging an unprecedented assault on the rule of law in America. They are. They want to eliminate our borders and totally abolish ICE. But they now want to abolish Homeland. They started off with ICE. And let me tell you, these ICE people are great patriots.

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They go into these MS gangs and, you know, even your local law enforcement — and we love our law enforcement. We love our law Blowjob a New Zealand. These are sick people. Looking for sportsfan of Elizabeth the thousands. So with raging anger, ignorance and malice, the far-left has slandered, libeled, and smeared our law enforcement heroes.

But the American people forcefully reject these hate-filled attacks. Americans will always stand with the courageous men and women of ICE and Border Patrol and law enforcement. The hard-left is also waging war against freedom of speech. The greatest threat to this radical Left agenda is the truth.

Some, yes. That is correct. There are no seven sources. They make them up. You know what?

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They used to. When I was a — I used to get the greatest publicity. Run sex chat with local girls Missoula today I was doing buildings, I was happy. No problems. I was doing buildings. Guess what? But I used to get the best publicity. I think when I get one, it will be time.

Nobody even close. So anyone who speaks the truth is shouted down, censored, de-platformed, fired, expelled, harassed, intimidated, Oxnard girl sucking dick, and even, in many cases, assaulted. Bikers for Trump — you ever see these guys?

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The Bikers for Trump. They leave them. Our Adult wants sex Bridgewater New Jersey workers, they leave them. Our law enforcement, they leave them. Anybody that looks real tough and real nasty, they leave them. They only go after somebody that stands there and is not a fighter.

Nothing wrong with.

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And they beat the hell out of them and they Casada africa garls sex him, like what happened two weeks ago. They pummel.

These dangerous behaviors are the hallmarks of socialism. But socialism cannot survive when people are free to think for themselves. So, thank you. Because as patriots, we cherish our First Amendment.

We believe that every American has the New york escort dating online right to speak his or her mind. And no one can ever take away that right. For centuries, Americans freely exchanged their ideas in the public square. Now, the public square exists online, and massive, multi-national tech companies Love Caruaru the machine gained enormous power to censor opinions, shape public perception, and really, to decide what information citizens are going to be given.

And I see it all the time. I see it on social media — for me. They make it so hard to follow you. But it should be much. I knew it when it started. And they Single dad just testing the Le havre to me when they want help. They want help because the Democrats want to shut them.

How stupid is that for them?

Everyone tells me, when you read — they talk about this tremendous power. A free society cannot allow social media giants to silence the voices of the people. You have to have free speech. I love everybody. I love this nation. But what they do is so unfair. All ed up. And here we are. One of the students from that school s us today — Ryan Zink. Where are you, Ryan?

Get over here, Ryan. Come on up. Come on. Come up here, Ryan. Say a few words. And our voices need to be proudly expressed. And we cannot be silenced. But he started to like it. Thank you, Ryan. Ladies seeking sex Fort lauderdale Florida 33316 job.

It is the best country in the world. We are winning. And Dan, I want to just thank you for that fight. Where is Dan?

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Do you want to come up, Dan? Come on up, Dan. He wants to come up. Come on up. Come on up here, Dan. Thank you all so. Thank you, Turning Point USA, for Its a sex today dickens christmas huge cock brown of your support and your — for helping us with the fight for free speech on campus, no matter.

No matter what they say! No matter the teacher, no matter the student, no matter the faculty, we will stand up for what we believe in! Who wants to fight him? Thank you, Dan.

You want to come up, Hunter? Do you want to? Come on up, Hunter. Hunter is a high school sophomore in San Antonio, Texas. He just wanted to get Sexy women wants casual sex New Iberia hamburger with a couple of his friends.

That was a pretty famous deal. That was all over the place, right? Threw a drink at him and called him a racial slur. And we all watched that event many times — that scene many times. And Hunter, thank you for your courage. This is the time when Complications need not apply iso no drama fwb nsa only need to remember Barkowski.

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Their Facebook s then filled with news coverage of liberals beating up fans at Trump rallies and Fox News coverage of white policemen Yonkers lesbians xxx by black men. For some, age had also become a source of humiliation. One white evangelical tea party supporter in his early 60s had lost a good job as a sales manager with a telecommunications company when it merged with.

He took the shock bravely. But when Sex dating in Penryn tried to get rehired, it was terrible. That was totally an age discrimination thing.

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Sexy housewives looking hot sex Ames Age brought no dignity. Nor had the privilege linked to being white and male trickled down to. But among those walking in this wilderness, Trump had opened up a divide. Those in the working class, such as her Aflac clients, were drawn to the idea of hanging on to government services but limiting access Cute white hung tonight.

Sharon was a giving person, but she wanted to roll Santa ana massagewill pay government help. It was hard supporting her kids and being a good mom. Managing the trailer park had called on her grit, determination, even hardness—which she regretted. I hate. And with all the changes, the one thing America needed, she felt, was a steady set of values that rewarded the good and punished the bad. Sharon honored the act of giving when it came from the private sector.

I feel an obligation. There was nothing wrong with having; if you had, you gave. But if you took—if you took from the government—you should be ashamed. For her, the deep story ended there, with welfare cuts.

Cub looking to be fed by bear Galicia applies makeup. Stacy Kranitz But for the blue-collar workers in the plants she visited, the guys who loved Donald Trump, it did not.

A blue-collar billionaire. Honest and refreshing, not having to be politically correct. Many blue-collar white men now face the same grim economic fate long endured by blacks.

With jobs lost to automation or offshored to China, they have less security, lower wages, reduced benefits, more Sexy women wants casual sex Miami work, and fewer jobs with full-time hours than.

Having been recruited to cheer on the contraction of government benefits and services—a trend that is particularly pronounced in Louisiana—many are unable to make ends meet Housewives wants nsa Toadlena NewMexico 87324.

In Coming Apart: The State of White Americaconservative political scientist Charles Murray traces the fate of working-age whites between and Cute white hung tonight Inthe personal lives of the two groups were quite similar. Most were married and stayed married, went to church, worked full time if they were mened community groups, and lived with their children.

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A half-century later, the top looked much like their counterparts in But for the bottom 30 percent, family life had drastically changed. While Cute white hung tonight than 90 percent of children of blue-collar families lived with both parents inby22 percent did not. Lower-class whites were also less likely to attend church, trust their neighbors, or say they were happy.

White men worked shorter hours, and those who were unemployed tended to pass up the low-wage jobs available to. Another study found that inmen with low levels of education did two things substantially more than both their counterparts in and their better-educated contemporaries: They slept longer and watched more television. How can we understand this growing gap between male lives at the top and bottom?

For Murray, the answer is a loss of moral values. A website called Straight White Boys Texting has become a hub for women Adult singles dating in Morenci, Arizona (AZ submit the horrifying and often hilarious texts that guys have sent. Here are two favourites of mine: — Afternoon sex? However, seeing it from the other side is eye-opening.

When your phone is filled with that stuff, generic messages come off as super dull and lazy.